This website contains a selection of Joomla and WordPress themes for Toastmasters Clubs and District websites to use.

These themes are based on the information on the Toastmasters International Brand portal, so please read the official information on the Toastmasters international website beforing creating your own website or using these themes. The header images on these themes are taken directly from the Toastmasters International website sample templates.

Please also read the rules about club and district websites.

You are free to use them at no cost, but they are all provided “as is”, so use them at your own risk.

Click on the menu above to either preview or download the themes.

If you are starting out, my recommendation is that you create a WordPress site, it is simply much simpler to use that Joomla. This is of course personal preference.

The themes support WordPress up to 3.3.1 (and probably later versions), and Joomla 1.5.

Please read the FAQ



Craig Strachan, Past District Governor, District 74

21 Responses to Home

  • Kate McClare says:

    I am the incoming VP Public Relations for my club. We are considering replacing our newsletter with a blog. We also have a standard website (which follows TMI branding guidelines). Ar there any restrictions on club blogs, aside from the existing branding guidelines?

  • Eriks says:

    How long until you have a Joomla 2.5 version available?

  • Craig says:


    I have no immediate plans. I am dependent on my theme generator to be upgraded before 2.5 is supported. 

    The latest version of WordPress is however supported. 

  • John Dineen says:

    How can i hide page title

  • Craig says:

    In WordPress, go to the theme settings, and you can hide the title and the byline. In Joomla, you need to edit the HTML

  • Roger says:

    I would like to assist clubs in my district with their websites, regardless of which software they use. How can I learn more about WordPress and Joomla?

  • WordPress101.com have some great tutorials.

  • how do you add a blog to site which is hosted by fth 2 without redoing the whole thing in wp ?

  • how do you add a blog to a site currently hosted by FTH 2?

  • Akanke says:

    Greetings, I’m the new webmaster for District 79. Is there a template for Joomla. 1.7?

  • Akanke says:

    okay, thanks for the quick reply.

  • This is getting more confusing. I thought you wanted to put everything on FTH 2. Are these templates just for blogs ? If you want to encourage blogging, why did you not include a blog module on FTH2 ? Why did you want to make it difficult to get SEO credit ?

  • Craig says:

    Ok, to be clear. I have nothing to do with Free Toast Host. I am just a person that happens to love WordPress & Joomla!, and I am a member of Toastmasters. So as a service to clubs that want to use WordPress or Joomla!, I have created these WordPress themes.

    If clubs want to use FTH, then that is up to them, but I cannot comment on what FTH offer, their services or their future plans. Also note that I do not represent Toastmasters International, while they have approved these themes for clubs to use, they are not officially supported.

    Craig (website owner)

  • Oakland says:

    We are thinking of moving to WP. Would the themes still allow us to have access to the back office like FTH. For instance the agendas, roles, membership management etc

    • Craig says:

      Hi Oakland Toastmasters

      These are regular themes so they will allow for the full WordPress backend access; however WordPress by itself does not have any specific club management tools. My suggestion is to use WordPress for the regular public facing website, and either FreeToastHost or EasySpeak just to manage agendas and the members progress.


  • Hello,

    One of my clubs is struggling and needs a new website. I will be using WordPress and was wandering how to host the site. Is it on WordPress or elsewhere?

    Looking forward to your response.


    Patricia Pines

    • Craig Strachan says:

      If you Google “WordPress hosting” you will find plenty of hosting providers that support WordPress. I personally use Scala hosting, they start at about $3 per month for the mini option.

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